The Dark Side of Your Zodiac Sign


Aries:  Impatience, anger, and impulsivity may make Aries seem dominant and even violent.

Taurus:  Rigidity and inflexibility may result from a Taurus's stubbornness, materialism, and unwillingness to change.

Gemini:  A Gemini may come out as dishonest and untrustworthy because to their propensity for gossip, inconsistency, and avoiding unpleasant topics.

Cancer:  Cancers are known to influence people by their moodiness, clinginess, and passive-aggressive tendencies.


Leo:  Arrogance, selfishness, and a demand for attention may make a Leo seem callous and self-centered.

Virgo:  Criticalness, nit-picking, and overthinking may make Virgos judgemental and finicky.

Libra:  Indecisiveness, superficiality, and a desire to avoid conflict may make Libra seem indecisive and uncommitted.

Scorpio:  Vengeful and manipulative Scorpios are driven by jealousy, obsession, and retribution.

Sagittarius:  An appearance of carelessness and irresponsibility may result from the sign's restlessness, recklessness, and lack of responsibility.

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Capricorn:  A Capricorn's negative and controlling tendencies stem from the sign's tendency for rigidity, pessimism, and a fear of failure.

Aquarius:  An Aquarius may come out as emotionally cold and uncaring because of their aloofness, detachment, and disrespect for tradition.

Pisces:  Naiveté, escapism, and a penchant for victimhood might cause you to rely too much on other people and shirk your responsibilities.