The 5 Most Common Causes of Oily Hair

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must wash your hands a lot.

Surprisingly, it's possible to make your already oily hair more oilier by washing it too often. Antonio Juarez, a hairdresser at a Fabio Scalia shop in New York City

way you wash is insufficient.

There's more to it than meets the eye when it comes to washing hair with shampoo. A double cleanse is the first step you should do. According to Juarez, "the initial shampoo need to concentrate

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may take a hot shower without worrying 

Your hair's natural oiliness may also be affected by the temperature of your shower. "It is vital to not use water that is too hot while washing your hair as it will take the natural oils 

Your hair is always over-styled.

Less is more when it comes to using styling products on greasy hair. "Product buildup," as Vayni puts it, "is the major reason it becomes greasy much sooner

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You're always playing with your hair.

Hair and fingernails both secrete oil naturally. One of the things that leads to an oily scalp, which may come as a surprise to my customers, is the fact that they touch their hair so often during the day

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