The 30-Day Weight Loss Challenge






  Row Lunge


 Lunge with row works all main muscles. Jones suggests starting your one-month weight reduction challenge with this version.


 This exercise requires a weight in your left hand and your feet together. Once you're in place, take a big left leg stride back. Bend your right knee simultaneously. 

  Row Lunge

 Fast Squats


 Fast squats follow. "Another trick when using exercise for weight loss is adding an HIIT component (high-intensity interval training) into your weight training workout," Jones says. 



 "That way, you increase lean muscle, metabolic rate, and calorie burn over the next 72 hours." Homeostasis, your body's inherent equilibrium, is temporarily disrupted.

 Fast Squats






 Next, chest press a bridge. Jones says, "Again, working the big muscles of the body is the best way to lose weight and burn more calories because you're hitting more muscles."

 Chest Press Bridge

 Boxing Jab HIIT

 Jones says this HIIT workout tones arms, abs, and back. "I love that this activity is for everyone. It's low-impact yet carries a punch. 

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 Boxing Jab HIIT


 Boxing stance from standing. Make fists and hold them in front of your face to defend against an unseen opponent. Act now. 

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