The 10 Most Consumed Beers in the United States.



Since 2008, Anheuser-Busch has been an American brewery owned by a multinational corporation. The company's North American headquarters are located in St. Louis, Missouri

Enough Sunlight

It's common knowledge that Natural Light is the official beer of truth and action. Calories in Light Pilsner are the same as in Anheuser-other Busch's light beer, Busch Light (95). Natural Light's rich flavor has been much praise

 Special Modelo

Modelo Especial is a full-bodied Pilsner-style lager and the second most popular Mexican beer in the United States. The taste is deeper and more robust than that of the bigger size.


Cervecera Modelo, a Mexican brewery owned by A.B., produces the premium brand Corona Extra. Belgium's InBev. The acidity and taste of a drink may be improved 

Michelob Ultra

Adolphus Busch created Michelob in 1896 as a pale beer for the burgeoning "beer connoisseur" market; in response, the Michelob series released Michelob Ultra in 2002, marketing it as a low-carb option.



When it comes to pure beer consumption in the United States, Budweiser reigns supreme (compared to soft drinks). Kraeusening is used to aerate actively fermenting beer


Miller Lite is a 2 percent American lager brewed and distributed by Molson Coors out of Chicago. Miller Genuine Draft and Miller High Life are two other beers that this firm makes.

Cola Light

Crafted in Golden, Colorado, Coors Lite has a low alcohol content of 2%. 4.0V Coors Lite from Molson Coors Canada Ltd. in Moncton, New Brunswick, first created in 1978


bottle of Bud Lite

When compared to the original Budweiser, Bud Lite has a longer brewing time. It has less calories than Budweiser due to its reduced sugar content and a lower alcohol by volume


From this list, it's clear that MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev produce the vast majority of the top-selling beers in the nation. Almost a third of the herbal beverages offered

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