Tarot Horoscope for All Zodiac Signs: "Promising"

Large Radish



this card implies that you think twice and that there's something you aren't aware of, something that may take your goals and flatten them for you.


  you will boldly become a beacon of positivity and hope. Instead of repeating "they're so hate-filled" or "why is everyone so mean to everyone else


 Gemini, April is a month of great rewards, giving you the courage and confidence to keep going. You've had a rough time, but April promises you'll succeed in communication and clarity and generate money.


 No Cancer on earth would find this card to be a surprise; in fact, during the month of Aries, spending time on your own is more like a welcome addition to an already crowded existence.



 This card indicates an April friendship renewal. You may be having a love affair or reconciling with an old acquaintance. 


Grow up and do grownup things. You've been sluggish and stagnant, but this month, you'll find self-love and self-respect. 

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 April will reveal years of self-sabotage. It will become evident that you need to break your negative habits and start over, as they say.

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 In April, whatever occurred in March will change your life, and your errors may come back to haunt you. This card suggests that you may be so blinded by your blunders

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