Tarot Horoscope by Zodiac Sign

Large Radish


 Finding problems is easy. Expecting the worst might bring troubles. Today, think positive. Choose your day.


 "No school like the old school," they say. Enjoy history today. Looking back reveals much. Planning your future by reviewing your past and the seasons may be entertaining.


 You may want to indulge sometimes. Enjoy a sweet-savory treat. Going off your diet may help you succeed this week.


 Shut the door, turn off the phone, and slumber. Today, practice self-care. Relax your mind and body—the soul will follow.



 You decide. Opinions will constantly be shared to affect you. Your own ideas matter most. When you know what to do, don't be deceived.


 Femininity is hard. If you're empathic, the energy surrounding you might make you melancholy. Set limits and take breaks. Good settings might seem poisonous.


 Your partnership balances love today. You may put others first to the point of questioning your self-worth. Mind your emotions. Change resentment.


 Cheaters hated. You can't benefit from cheating on your lover. Breakup if it's over. Don't do something you'll regret.

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