Talking to a New Friend: Entertaining Subjects


 Have any pets? Maybe you can walk your kitties together. Who named your pet? Is your pet a tarantula? That sparks intriguing conversations.


 According to the adage, food is the way to the heart. Your shared tastes suggest a long-term friendship. Favorite comfort food? Favorite restaurant

  New pals can talk music.

 This will clarify your new friendship's rhythm. Explore music's vast cosmos. What's your favorite music genre? Favorite artist? Maybe you both want to see a concert. 

 Discuss films.

 This is one of the safest topics. Discuss the awards season or current blockbusters. Your favorite movie genre? Your feel-good film? You may discuss a mind-bending film. 



 Traveling is fun. Where should we go? Best location you've been? What's your ideal destination? No matter the location.


 Discuss your school days if you graduated. Discuss your school's rules, students, activities, and most inspirational instructors. You may have discovered a study partner.

 Social media gossips

 Social networking is practically essential nowadays. Indeed, following each other online might develop a friendship. Even if you don't see one other regularly, social media lets two new acquaintances keep in touch.

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 Meet new pals


Discuss this casually. Astrology and zodiac signs are interesting, but not everyone likes them. If your new buddy appears interested in this issue, check out their sign.


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 Discuss dating

 Some are more open about this than others. If your new acquaintance is receptive to it, this issue will be a roller coaster. Everyone has different dating and breakup tales.

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