Surprisingly Filling Low-Calorie Foods



 Many low-calorie meals aid weight loss. Add oats, Greek yogurt, and other high-protein, high-fiber meals to lose weight and feel full.


 Oatmeal boosted fullness and lowered appetite and calorie consumption at the following meal in a 48-adult research

 Greek yogurt.


 In another research of 15 women, high-protein Greek yogurt reduced appetite and increased fullness compared to lower-protein snacks 


 In one 12-person trial, blended soup delayed stomach emptying and promoted satiety more than solid food or chunky soup






 Berries contain pectin, a dietary fiber that slows stomach emptying and increases fullness in human and animal studies 


 In a 30-person research, participants who ate eggs for breakfast instead of a bagel felt fuller and consumed 105 less calories later

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 In a 35-person study, individuals who ate 100 calories of popcorn were fuller and happier than those who ate 150 calories of potato chips

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 chia seeds


 Chia seeds are rich in soluble fiber, which absorbs fluids and expands in your stomach to make you feel full 


While lean fish like cod and halibut have the fewest calories, salmon and mackerel deliver omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for health.

 Cottage cheese

 Cottage cheese and eggs exhibited equivalent satiety effects in one research of 30 healthy persons 

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