Surprising Information About Your Favorite Cat


 collective noun for many kittens.

A "kindle" can refer to either an e-reader from Amazon or a group of kittens. What about a group of fully grown felines? That's a "clowder," short for "crowd."

your cat might have an allergy 

It's common knowledge that some people get a stuffy nose and watery eyes when near a house cat, but did you realise the opposite is true? According to Popular Science,

Purring kitten getting petted

The purring sound of a satisfied cat is one of the most reassuring sounds in the world to anyone who owns a cat. But, there are other contexts in which a cat could purr that have nothing to do


 oldest cat liked red wine and vegetables.

In 2005, at the ripe old age of 38 years and three days, the domestic cat Crème Puff passed away, cementing her place in history as the longest-living feline on record.

The world's richest cat was worth 

In 1988, rich antiques merchant Ben Rea gave his whole £7 million (about $13 million USD) fortune to his 15 cats, including the last living one, Blackie.

average amount of time a cat spends grooming.

If your significant other ever makes fun of how long you take to get dressed, remind them that cats spend an average of ten minutes per day grooming and preening. 

cats also groom to chill off.

Grooming a cat may take hours, and although it can help keep the cat clean by removing dander and loose hair from the coat, there is more to it than that.


Catnip doesn't work on most cats.

Your cat is one of a minority that does not respond positively to catnip. Cats with at least one sensitive parent have a 50% chance of inheriting their

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