Stylists' 7 Tips for Smooth, Glossy Gray Hair


hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

Gray hair needs special shampoo and conditioner. You may wish to switch from volume or anti-frizz products to ones that enhance moisture.

hydrating shampoo and conditioner.

"Gray hair tends to lose its capacity to keep moisturised since the hair follicle generates less sebum as we age, resulting in drier, more coarse looking texture," explains Gregory Patterson, celebrity hairdresser

 color-correcting shampoo.

Gray hair is pigmentless. It discolours easily when it loses pigment. "Imagine of a white T-shirt: the longer you wear it, the less crisp and clean it gets," explains Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute platform instructor Brandie Devillier


greyish scalp

Healthy scalp, healthy hair. "Hair develops from the hair follicle out, so treating your scalp and roots is equally as vital as the hair you see," explains Patterson. Scalp scrubs are his favourites.


A hair gloss gives salon-fresh hair. Patterson compares it to a manicure's transparent top coat or lipstick's gloss. "Adds pop." Luckily, you can gloss at home. It's evident, says Patterson.

Wash less.

Frequent washing causes dry and brittle grey hair. "Our hair requires the natural oils our scalp generates... to appear lustrous and healthy," explains Marcus. "Overwashing removes vital oils from hair.


Wash your hairbrushes.

Your hairbrush was last cleaned when? Kristina Maccaro, owner of Love Lane Salon, tells Best Living that grey hair requires extra attention.

Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.

Caleb Backe of Maple Holistics advises eating well for soft, lustrous greys. He advises Best Life to drink enough water. To maintain healthy, lustrous hair, drink adequate water.


Drink water and eat fruits and vegetables.

He advises eating a balanced diet with antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. "Berries, red wine, cinnamon, avocado, and omega-3-rich seafood are examples. Antioxidants counteract the harmful effects of hair pigment cells."

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