Spending Time in Nature Is Good. 





 A recent research shows that nature and well-being are more connected than previously imagined.

 How does nature affect well-being?

 Gasparatos claimed nature offers enjoyment, relaxation, spiritual satisfaction, human growth, social interactions, and artistic experiences.

 How does nature affect well-being?


 Such opportunities have been demonstrated to improve physical and mental healthTrusted Source, social cohesiveness, and a feeling of place.


 “Our study provides the first comprehensive effort to systematize them,” Gasparatos added. It gives a coherent knowledge base and conceptual framework of how these relationships occur.






 These systems may be activated by nature and the surroundings. A woodland walk, beach cleanup, new city exploration, or berry picking all foster connection.


 Crossover pathways may increase their influence, according to the study. For instance, gardening involves cognitive and evolutive systems.

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 “Although we have a good understanding that these linkages between non-material benefits and human well-being do exist, we are still not very sure as to the actual ways that these connections

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 “This is largely because many of the existing studies have used different methodologies [and] metrics, or focused on individual benefits, ecosystems, and geographical contexts.”

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