Single Women Are Finding Dates at Home Depot:


Home Depot Dating Goes Viral

The technique was obviously successful, since "Home Depot Dating" has racked up 3.6 billion views on TikTok, proving that it resonated well with female users. Megan Louise, the creator,

Trying to Act Like I Need Help

A series of uploads by another TikToker titled "Dating at the Home Store" has gone viral, with over 9 million views as of this writing. One picture of the lady had text reading,


But Are These Men Single?

Whether or whether the males working at Home Depot are single has been questioned by several readers. "If they're there on a weekend, they're probably not married haha,"

Part Time Job at Home Depot

A lady even claimed that she started working at Home Depot on the side so that she might meet guys there. The Home Store is where I met my future spouse. We've been together for eight years,


Men Target Back

Guys shared their perspectives on the topic by discussing the methods they use to meet attractive women. That's the male equivalent of Target. Sometimes, when we don't need a dang thing,

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