Signs that your soul has lived before

Signs of reincarnation

 If you've experienced repeated nightmares, non-personal recollections, or a strange affinity for a certain historical period, your soul may have reincarnated several times.

 Recurring dreams


Repetitive dreams may mirror former lives, since the unconscious mind creates them.

 Misplaced recollections

 Many young children have vivid recollections of people, places, and experiences they've never encountered.

  Strong instinct

 Strong intuition means you can feel something that hasn't occurred or grasp something without being told.


 Déjà vu



 Everyone has déjà vu, generally induced by odors, noises, images, tastes, and other things.

 Language skills

 A former life might be indicated by speaking and understanding a language one has never encountered.

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  Earth isn't home.


 If you feel that you don't belong on Earth, it may be a sign that you want to return to the source.

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  Phobias or fears

 Past life traumas might cause inexplicable and powerful phobias. Follow us for daily unique content.

 Appetite for certain eras

 An unexplainable affinity to a time, place, culture, or environment may imply that you have experienced it.

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