Scientific Arguments You're Unattractive


 You're yellow.

 Leave specific clothing in your closet to impress someone. In a 2010 Evolutionary Psychology research, both men and women found yellow-shirted people less appealing.

 You're yellow.

 "In reference to color psychology, red is known to be a color of confidence, passion, love, and power, whereas yellow portrays happiness, excitement, and enthusiasm, which may be a lot to take in all at once on the first date

 You're sleep-deprived.

 Sleep deprivation may harm more than your health. That may also influence your appeal. A 2017 Royal Society Open Science research concluded that two days of sleep deprivation made persons less appealing.

 You're sleep-deprived.

  a Nature and Science of Sleep research indicated that even one day without sleep might reduce attractiveness.


 You're tense.

 If your body language is closed, you may be repelling individuals. A 2016 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences research discovered that posture affected speed dating results.

 You're tense.

 The research found that speed dating couples were twice as likely to request a second date with expansive postures than contractive postures.

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 Wearing spectacles.

 Wearing glasses may improve your vision, but they may affect your appearance. A  Cureus journal research concluded that wearing glasses makes individuals seem less handsome and confident.

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 You're humorless.

 Being hilarious may help you and being unfunny can damage you. A 2009 Journal of Psychology research indicated that humor levels affected people's opinions of a possible spouse.

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