Sagittarius-compatible signs


Aries:  As fire signs, Sagittarius and Aries share energy, passion, and excitement. They like adventure, enjoyment, and new experiences. They may also motivate each other to succeed.

Leo:  Sagittarius and Leo adore creativity, adventure, and self-expression. They're extroverted and love attention. They might encourage one other to follow their aspirations.


Aquarius:  Sagittarius and Aquarius appreciate freedom, independence, and intelligence. They can have meaningful, honest interactions. They may travel and study together.

Gemini:  Sagittarius and Gemini are inquisitive, restless, and love to learn and travel. They adore surprise and adventure. They're amazing conversationalists.

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Libra:  Sagittarius and Libra like socializing. They appreciate art, culture, and beauty. They can go on adventures together.

Sagittarius:  Two Sagittarians who like the same kinds of freedom and novelty may create a wonderful couple.

Pisces:  Sagittarius and Pisces complement each other well because Sagittarius brings enthusiasm and Pisces provides introspection.

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Taurus:  Sagittarius and Taurus may seem like an unusual pair, yet they balance each other nicely, with Sagittarius offering excitement and Taurus stability.