Renowned American Cats



Sphynxes are famously bald. These amiable, dedicated indoor cats flourish in houses with little alone time. Sphynx owners believe their cats need them and show their loyalty. These cats have no fur, therefore their bodies operate 3 degrees hotter to keep them warm.


Cats name this tailless breed their dog. Manx are sociable. These cats thrive in multi-pet households. Manx cats might have no tail or half a tail due to a genetic abnormality.

Asian Shorthair

They have about 300 patterns and colours. Oriental Shorthairs are smart Siamese, Abyssinian, and Russian Blue cats. Ballerina-like cats with bat-like ears. Oriental Shorthairs need attention.


These cats are abundant and vary in colour and pattern. Domestic shorthairs are cat-mutts. Despite their pedigree, these cats are kind and adaptable. Fun fact: Outdoor Domestic Shorthair cats hunt for six hours a day.



Lap cats, named for their limpness when lifted, are adorable. Longhaired cats prefer human cuddling. Ragdolls, a large, loving cat breed, are popular. Ragdoll cats adore unconditionally.


Tickled-coat cuties are frisky and require their owners like Siamese. Abyssinians aren't lap cats, yet they need you. The light switch on-off trick fascinates Abyssinians, who like to play.


This breed governed the nation for about 30 years! This lap cat is fluffy and has saucer-like eyes. Persians are known globally for their loyalty and hair care needs.

Maine Coon

The gentlest cat breed, these large cats enjoy humans and are laid-back. The largest domesticated cats, these fluffy, quiet kitties. Maine Coon owners may agree that their clownish cats are hilarious.