Quiet Hobbies to Start at Home

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 Gardening—time with plants—is first. Cultivate herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Flowers may please a visual person. Your garden may provide fresh herbs and spices for cooking. 


 Knitting is stealthy. Nobody would see you knitting in the dark. Knitting has several benefits. Focus is first. Knitting distracts you from your troubles. 


 Capture amazing images for yourself or Instagram. There are many exciting themes outdoors, but there are just as many within. Pets, kids, and humans are examples.


 Painting relieves tension as you move paint from palette to canvas. If you can accept errors as "pleasant little accidents," Painting is silent if you don't use loud music to establish the atmosphere.



 Video games are often dismissed as time-wasters. Yet, video games are similar to bingo, TV, and novels. It's a pastime. Idle, puzzle, strategic, role-playing, party, simulation, and more are available. 


 Practice piano quietly without disturbing neighbors. You need a digital piano with a headphone jack—the major asterisk (which should be a common feature for most, if not all, digital pianos). 


 Our classic yoga promotes physical flexibility and focus. Before practicing at home, novices should join a few instructor-led yoga courses. 


 Drawing may satiate your creative urges, anyway. You can start most of these activities using household supplies. This requires a pencil, paper, and eraser. Free basic drawing lessons are here.

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 Puzzles stimulate your thoughts. Puzzles include jigsaw, crossword, sudoku, and Rubik's cube. Each has merits and downsides. Try various puzzles or specialize on one kind.

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