Products that work best for guys with thick hair



Men with thick hair benefit greatly from the long-lasting hold and manageability provided by pomades. Pomades that dissolve in water are your best bet.

Hair Wax

Hair wax is excellent for producing a sloppy or textured style that is still firmly in place. If you have thick hair and want to add volume and texture to your hairdo, this product is for you.


To get a natural matte look, guys with thick hair could use clay. It can be applied quickly and effectively, and it gives your hair a firm hold without adding excess oil or shine.

Hair Mousse

If a man has thick hair and wants to give his hairdo more definition and volume, hair mousse is a terrific product to use. It's ideal for regular usage because of how light it is and how simple it is to put on.


Styling Cream

Styling cream is a multifunctional product that may be used to style hair in many different ways. It gives your hair a polished sheen without making it seem greasy and has a mild hold.

Sea Salt Spray

If a man has thick hair and wants a beachy, textured appearance, sea salt spray is a terrific product to use. It enhances your hair's volume and definition while keeping your natural style intact.

Hair Spray

Hair spray is an essential tool for guys with thick hair who want their styles to last all day. It has a sturdy grip and works well with any kind of hair.

Hair Oil

Men with thick hair may maintain their hair healthy and hydrated using hair oil. It shields your hair from the damaging effects of heat styling and the elements while adding shine and nourishment.