Prideful Zodiac Sign



Look at me Leo embodies arrogance. Lion-proud, this jungle monarch. When his pride is offended, he becomes genuinely evil.  


 Taurus is pompous, yet they don't act like Leo. They save their arrogance for disagreements rather than proving their rightness.


 Virgo has several traits. Like their obsessiveness. This zodiac sign is arrogant. They're always smug and don't care.


 Scorpio strives for goodness. They're sympathetic and big-hearted. Don't be fooled. This signifies arrogance.



 Most people don't understand Cancer's arrogance since it doesn't appear arrogant. They anticipate to have their way, think they're right most of the time, and have trouble taking rejection.


 Being the zodiac's most responsible sign, Capricorn doesn't express their arrogance by being flamboyant or critical. They demonstrate intellect.


 Aquarius lacks arrogance. They're just like that, not because they're right or trying to assist.

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 Aries is loud and pompous, as expected. Not so. Aries respects others despite their loudness and tendency to be correct. They don't judge others or impose their opinions.

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 Libras only seem pompous while giving advice. It's accidental. Libra dislikes fighting and competing. They clash with arrogant individuals.

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