Pisces Birth Flowers



 Water lily symbolizes Pisces. Water lily symbolizes Pisces. The water lily helps sensitive, perceptive Pisces connect with their empathetic souls.

 evening primrose

 Evening Primrose inspires watery Pisces. This distinctive blossom stimulates conscious action, passion, and creativity! Pisces are inherently creative and innovative.


 Mugwort symbolizes Pisces' ethereal aspect. Mugwort—Artemisia Vulgaris—is a fragrant blooming plant. It causes psychosis-like exhilaration. 


 The Iris flower's symbolism shows why it's one of Pisces' wonderful and vivid birth plants! Greek iris means rainbow. Greek Goddess Iris is the Rainbow Goddess. 



 Hazel is the excellent Pisces plant/tree. Hazel symbolizes Pisces' spiritual awakening via manifestation and rebirth. Pisces are distinctive, open-minded, and beautiful. 


 Orchids are another Pisces natal flower. Orchids symbolize fertility, eloquence, elegance, and femininity. Pisces is feminine, magnetic, and receptive.

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 Violets represent February. Violets represent the Higher Self and intellect, the third eye of spiritual enlightenment and vision. Pisces are humble, elegant, perceptive, and honest, like the purple-violet hues.


 March Pisces birth flowers are daffodils. Beautiful flowers symbolize fresh beginnings, luck, wealth, and fidelity. They symbolize purity and inner strength like water lilies.


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 Daffodils are named after Narcissus, the son of the River God. Narcissus loved himself... Pisces should embrace their unselfish, natural beauty-loving side rather than their egocentric side