Pain-Free Exercise


 All athletes should take precautions to avoid strains, sprains, and other injuries. Dr. Matt Tanneberg, a Scottsdale, Arizona sports chiropractor and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist . 


 “Pre-hab prevents problems.” Rehabilitating injuries uses several "pre-hab" procedures. They may help you avoid the worried "ouch" pain so you can concentrate on the "ohhhh ya"


 KT Tape helps reduce pain and speed healing whether you have a weakness or are recovering from an accident. This elastic tape supports the muscle or joint without restricting movement

  Rest and eat.

 Sleep improves athletic response time and quickness, whereas persistent sleep deprivation may lead to sports injuries and disease. Sleep helps our bodies recover


 good nutrition.



 performance and accelerate injury recovery. According to a 2020 Nutrients research, macro- and micronutrients “play an important role in metabolism, energy production, hemoglobin synthesis, lean mass and bone mass maintenance,

 Warm up.

 Build up to your endurance activity objectives. That development may involve following a training plan that fits your fitness baseline or employing common sense

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  Dress properly 


 Running, hiking, and cycling in shoes that fit and meet your demands is essential for optimal alignment and injury prevention. An ill-fitting bike, backpack, or socks may produce blisters

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  Stretching tape


 Sports medical experts recommend rest, ice, compression, and elevation for acute or chronic injuries. Stay off a sprained ankle. Ice it. KT Tape and a bandage wrap or compression sock enhance circulation 


 When training for lengthy walks, marathons, cycles, or other outdoor activities, rest between exercises. Rest well. Eat well. Massage or foam roller muscles. 

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