Overworked Zodiac Signs







 Lions, like the zodiac chart's Lion, are cute. Creative Leos inherently shine. They'll achieve greatness if they work hard enough.


 Aquarians love many things. If only desire could become work? Aquarians would rather think about what they could accomplish than execute it. 




 Taureans avoid overwork by relaxing whenever possible. When they can, they'll rest or snooze. Taureans are homey. Their house is always clean and orderly. 



  Pisces like their comfort zone too much to overwork. They often daydream while working. Escapism constantly distracts them at work.  1.  






  Cancers adore work. They enjoy and do home duties well. They never feel pressured to hurry or overwork. They work when they want to. 



 Despite being busy, Geminis usually look serene. This motivates individuals to add extra effort and get things done. Geminis only work if they want to. 

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 Scorpions worry because of their desire. Scorpios will strive tirelessly to reach their goals. Distractions—even rest—are not allowed. 

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 Arieses overwork because they cannot say no. They will take overtime or extra labor from their employer or supervisor.


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