Weight-Loss Walking Tips






 Walk over different surfaces.

  a member of our Medical Expert Board and a licensed personal trainer and nutrition coach who helped establish the Body Program at Ro—suggests walking on different terrain. 


 Dr. Bohl says walking quicker burns more calories. If you want to lose weight walking, use speed bursts. "If you can throw in a few minutes of jogging

 Step faster.

 Use a weighted backpack.


 Have you tried "rucking," or weighted backpacking? "Rucking is walking or hiking with a weighted backpack," Dr. Bohl says. 

 Arms up.


   1.  "Pumping your arms while walking may not pay the highest returns on calorie burn, but any amount of motion you're able to add does something," Dr. Bohl explains.






 Walking for weight reduction with a buddy helps motivate and keep you accountable. It'll be wonderful catching up.

 Find a walking partner.

 Set a goal.

 Like walking with a companion, establishing a goal won't always improve the quantity of calories you burn while walking, but it will inspire you to reach a daily step target. 

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 70–80 degrees each step.


 "Raising your knees higher increases the demand of walking," Read says. Like high knees, you'll exercise your lower body and core,

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 Walking with 'farmer's carry,' lightweight dumbbells, or ankle weights burns calories and builds strength. 

  add  farmer's carries.

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