Occupational Paths According to the Zodiac


Aries Careers

Starting a business is preferable for Aries than working for someone else. Entrepreneurial Aries. They need tough work and competition if they work for someone else.

Taurus careers

Beauty, art, and decoration are Taurus occupations. Bankers and plant growers. They're great psychotherapists. Tauruses prefer compensation over commission. Moon in Taurus particularly.

Gemini Careers

Geminis' revenue swings, making consolidation difficult. They may have multiple income streams. They sell well. Because they are good speakers and negotiators, travel, media, and big business are their best jobs.

Cancer Careers

Cancer-type occupations involve the home or family care. This includes construction, military, and kitchen labour. Décor. Schools, nurseries, hospitals. Cancer, a cardinal sign, is entrepreneurial. 


Leo careers

Leo careers include fame. Leo can succeed in public relations or management. Any work in teaching, athletics, entertainment, or hospitality makes sense for Leo. Hotels, restaurants, and theme parks.

Virgo Careers

Medicine-related jobs are Virgo-type. Their meticulousness makes them great at administrative work, design, film, art, and writing.

Libra careers

Libra jobs involve beautification, art, or people. They're good mediators and counsellors. Lawyers, diplomats, ambassadors, consultants, etc

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Scorpio careers

Medical, prison, Treasury, and detective jobs are Scorpio. Mystical or esoteric studies, treatments, or activities.

Capricorn Careers

Politics, banking, and boards of directors are Capricorn careers. Classic, rigid, or formal occupations. They fit top corporate jobs.

Aquarius Careers

Aquarius jobs involve technology and media, especially modern ones like the Internet or aircraft (technology). Any social work or futuristic career. Aquarians are idealists.

Pisces Careers

Artistic jobs suit Pisces. Esoteric, symbolism, and fantasy-related. They excel in hospitals and hospitality (hotels and restaurants). They excel in all charitable endeavours.