Most Emotionless Zodiac Signs  







 Pieces are the most emotional zodiac sign. They are sensitive, very emotional, and never hesitant to show their friends and family how much they care. 


 Cancerians are very sensitive. They also speak their minds. Cancer pals won't keep you guessing.




 Virgos are sensitive and take things personally. Their emotions might make others feel like they're walking on eggshells around them. 



 Playboy Virgos. Most individuals assume they just seek physical connection and can't connect emotionally. Not true. 






 Leos feel things deeply than others. Their ego hides their feelings. Depending on the environment and person, they may swing from very sensitive to numb swiftly. 



 Tauruses have rigid shells but mushy insides. You'll do everything to show your lover how much you love and admire them, even when others may believe you don't care.

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 Libras may care deeply while looking unconcerned. They dread seeming clingy. To avoid seeming needy, a libra will hide their feelings. 

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 Capricorns are emotionally selfish. They want independence and look out for themselves. However, they lack empathy. They seem emotionally distant even in relationships.


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