morning drinks for belly fat loss


 Jeera water

 Jeera has several advantages. It is low in calories, detoxifies, controls blood sugar, lowers bad cholesterol, and improves metabolism. 

 Jeera water

 Soak a teaspoon of jeera in a glass of water overnight, boil it in the morning, and drink it hot. If you neglect to soak it at night, you may boil the jeera in water for 10–15 minutes


 Antioxidants, minerals, and fiber in fennels aid fat reduction. Fibers keep you full longer, reducing your cravings for junk food and helping you regulate portions. 



 Cinnamon follows super spices. This wonderful morning drink of cinnamon and water may burn abdominal fat and make a world of difference. Thus, many add cinnamon to their morning tea.

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 Amla juice 

 Amla's chromium concentration lowers harmful cholesterol. It aids digestion, fights aging, and lowers heart disease risk, among other benefits. 

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 Boil one inch of ginger. Add ginger to your morning tea or boil a ginger tea bag. This drink works best without sugar.