Lucky zodiac charms 

 Aries: Charm




 Figa charms are powerful fortunate charms. The figa mudra is a thumb jammed between the pointer and middle fingers clenched in a fist. 

 Taurus: Life Tree

 The Tree of Life (Cosmic Tree) has various tales. Taurus represents Earth's primal powers. This tree provides knowledge and stability.

 Gemini: Witch knot


 Witches have enjoyed the Witch's knot, closely related to the Triquetra, for generations. It balances components, directions, etc. in the wearer. 

 Cancer: Wunjo

 Though inventive and prolific, the previous years sapped your energies. Wunjo helps you summon success and positive feelings to attract more strength




 Crescent moon


 Cancer's lucky sign is the Crescent Moon. Crescent Moons have been Lucky Charms for millennia. This mystical emblem invokes Artemis and Selene and reminds you that everything is a circle. 

 Leo: Ra

 Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Solar God Ra as the creator and awareness-giver! The Eye of Ra, one of the oldest emblems and fortunate charms

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 Virgo: Hamsa.


 The Hamsa Hand protects Virgo. Your versatility and sensitivity to energy may make mood swings irritate you. 

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 Libra: Fortune Wheel

 You seek equilibrium in all aspects of life. The Wheel of Fortune aligns your cosmic center! The eight-rayed wheel symbolizes progress and luck worldwide. 

 Capricorn: Red bat


Asians believe red bats bring luck and spiritual guidance. Red Bats are seen alone, in pairs, or in fives. Red bats represent luck, plenty, fertility, honor

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