Lucky Charms based on astrological signs


Aries: Figa Charm Figa charms are powerful fortunate charms. The figa mudra is a thumb jammed between the pointer and middle fingers clenched in a fist. Brazil and India love it. It brings luck, alertness, and positivity!

Taurus: Tree of Life The Tree of Life (Cosmic Tree) has various tales. Taurus represents Earth's primal powers. This tree provides knowledge and stability. Use this great symbol to improve these attributes!

Gemini: Witch knot Witches have enjoyed the Witch's knot and Triquetra for generations. The Witch's knot represents all elements, while the triquetra represents the Great Goddess's three faces. Gemini's versatility requires this symbol.

Cancer: Crescent moon Cancer's lucky sign is the Crescent Moon. Crescent Moons have been Lucky Charms for millennia. This mystical emblem invokes Artemis and Selene and reminds you that everything is a circle. It also helps achieve your objectives!


Leo: eye of Ra Ancient Egyptians worshiped the Solar God Ra as the creator and awareness-giver! The Eye of Ra, one of the oldest emblems and fortunate charms protect, enlightens, and blesses God Ra.

Virgo: Hamsa hand The Hamsa Hand protects Virgo. Your versatility and sensitivity to energy may make mood swings irritate you. The Hamsa Hand banishes evil energy and psychic assaults while attracting good fortune!

Libra: the Wheel of Fortune You seek equilibrium in all aspects of life. The Wheel of Fortune aligns your cosmic center! The eight-rayed wheel symbolizes progress and luck worldwide. Every tarot deck's "Wheel of Fortune" is a wheel!

Scorpio: Scarab Scarabs are fortunate charms! Egyptians thought scarabs were made of subterranean substances or came from the dead. Thus, Scarab symbolizes light triumphing over darkness.

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Sagittarius: Acorn Acorns are powerful fortunate charms. Thus, Druids "opened" Wisdom and Otherworlds with acorns. Acorns safeguard our bodies and souls from physical and magical damage! 

Capricorn: Red bat Asians believe red bats bring luck and spiritual guidance. Red Bats appear alone, in pairs, or in fives. Red bats represent luck, plenty, fertility, honor, and longevity.

Aquarius: Anchor Aquarius often looks in several directions. Unique and lonely, the anchor will help you attune with your holy source, becoming your fortunate charm, protecting and blessing you!

Pisces: Lotus Witches love this beautiful flower, sacred to Ancient Egypt, Ancient and Modern India, Hinduism, Tao, and Buddhism. Lotus roots grow in murky swamps as Pisces swim in dark waters.