Luckiest Zodiac Signs 








 Libra can never rely on luck. They never know the outcome. Luckily, Libra doesn't believe in superstitions or luck. This zodiac sign thinks hard effort creates luck. 


 Capricorn is lucky, yet typically unlucky. They labor hard yet frequently face uncontrollable setbacks. This makes Capricorn one of the unluckiest signs.




 Aries has good luck and terrible luck. When Aries gets lucky, they go all out. Most mature Aries also know when to relax down after a terrible run.



 Geminis are unfortunate. They labor hard to spot cosmic indications, but they fail. This zodiac sign is generally unlucky. Gemini lacks the intuition to avoid ill luck. 






 This sun sign has some luck and none in others. Career and financial luck favor them. Tauruses should play the lottery. They are unfortunate in love.



 Aquarius is lucky like Taurus. Aquarius reigns certain days. Nothing could go wrong. Aquarius is frequently correct when people think everything is wrong. 

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 Pisces have a little more good luck than negative. Their exceptional luck makes Pisces distinctive. Nothing goes well when they're unlucky. 

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 Like Pisces, Cancer has extremes of luck. Though it appears random, this zodiac sign has more pleasant days than negative days. 


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