Loveable Zodiac Signs

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 Water-sign Cancer. Water signs are more romantic since they are more emotive. They sense when you need more affection.


 Scorpio is intense and commonly grouped with fire signs. As they are the most passionate zodiac sign, this makes sense.



Pisces, another water sign, is also emotional. But, cancer is more affectionate. But, they don't resist it.


 Libras are loving despite being air signs. This air sign tops the loving zodiac sign list for a reason. Romantics.



 Taurus is Earth like Virgo. Because of it, anticipate Virgo-like hard work and devotion. While controlled by the same planet, they are not identical.


 Virgos are loving, but this is not how they show love. Instead, they help others. Instead of hugging and kissing you, a Virgo will manage your life or motivate you to succeed.


 Geminis are loving, but not often. Geminis prefer to have fun, but holding someone's hand might make it harder. 

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 Sagittarius is tricky. Fire signs adore flirting. They start off playful and enjoyable. You'll get plenty of flirty attention.

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 Aries isn't affectionate. Instead, they say thanks. They flirt more with eyes and words than touch.