Leos: What Makes a Bad Match?


1. Bossiness Leos should always lead. Leos strive not to be bossy, yet they might clash with other natural leaders like Aries and Aquarius. If both recommend different dinner spots? Leos will likely win a lengthy debate.

 Bossiness Leo's stubbornness may also get in the way, even if they recognize the other person offered a superior idea or that it would be fairer if someone else made a choice.


2. Laziness Leos never give up on their goals. This sign is driven and hardworking. Leos can't understand signs that dream big 

Laziness but don't follow through or those who have a lengthy to-do list but would rather watch TV or go out with pals. Leos won't sympathize if this is you. Leos are finished.

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3. Perfectionism Leos value quality but don't like criticism, even constructive. Instead of being systematic, Leos dive into a project.

Perfectionism Leo's stubbornness and self-confidence will get in the way when signs who value perfectionism, like Virgo and Capricorn, point out flaws. Passion beats precision for Leos.