Kid-Friendly Cats


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American shorthair

American Shorthair cats are kind, calm, and gentle. These charming cats are low-maintenance and get along with humans and other pets.


Birman cats are friendly, curious, and social. They appreciate attention and can hang around with other pets. 


Maine Coon



Maine Coons, famed for their size, have big personalities. These 20-pound gentle giants are kitten-like. 


Abyssinian cats are master manipulators. They like to run, jump, play, and welcome their owners with gentle talk. They are smart, affectionate, and active. 

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Affectionate, affable, even-tempered, and mellow, Manx cats are fiercely protective of their home and love people. "Dog-like" medium-sized, spherical cats are energetic. 



Himalayan cats are friendly. They have the gentle personality of a Persian with the blue eyes and beautiful coloration of a Siamese. Himalayan cats adore their owners, big and tiny.

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