Jealous Behavior by Zodiac Sign

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Despite their confidence, Aries frequently feel insecure. Aries relationships are emotional rollercoasters. Aries like the drama.


 Tauruses are obstinate and don't express their feelings. They're sensible and seldom jealous. If they get suspicious, they'll follow their instincts, and if the outcome is as they feared


 Geminis want their spouses to stay loyal even when they know it's hard. They'll tell you they're envious so you'll spend a lot of time soothing them. 


 Cancers seldom feel jealous since they're entirely in love and expect the same from their partners. They'll harbor jealousy until it evolves into resentment. 



 Leo Don't focus on anybody except the Leo. Leos become envious over almost everything. They don't believe they should hold back.

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 Virgos are envious but keep their emotions under control. Their actual sentiments are in their eyes. If they suspect you, they won't confront you until they've examined


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 Scorpio is the jealousest sign. They envy the grocery clerk who complimented your wine and your fourth-grade dance partner. Scorpios may manage their jealousy and use it productively.

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