How Zodiac Signs Handle Money


Aries:  Those born under this sign are prone to spending money hastily. When it comes to financial matters, they often adopt a "live in the now" philosophy.

Taurus:  Practical Tauruses are financially solid. They have a propensity to preserve money and tread carefully while making purchases.

Gemini:  Sales and discounts may persuade Geminis' impulsive spending. They may have trouble controlling their spending and establishing and maintaining a budget.


Cancer Cancers may spend money on sentimental items. They may have trouble getting go of emotional objects, which may lead to hoarding and spending too much money.

Leo:  Leos want to spend money on themselves and others. They might be drawn to high-end products and spend excessively on them in an effort to maintain a certain persona.

Virgo:  Money-wise Virgos are sensible and meticulous. They have a propensity for frugality and may be inclined to make and stick to elaborate budgets.

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Libra:  Libras appreciate balance and may struggle with financial choices. They may be unsure about what to buy and may consult with others for input before making a final decision.

Scorpio:  Scorpios may keep their money private. They may also be prone to overspending and taking unnecessary financial risks.

Sagittarius:  Those born under this sign are often rebellious and spend money on a whim. They could have trouble conserving money and value experiences more than stuff.

Capricorn:  Responsible Capricorns may have a long-term financial strategy. They may be savers who place a premium on having a secure financial future.

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Aquarius:  Aquarians have unorthodox money management styles. They could place more value on memories than stuff.

Pisces:  Creative Pisces may buy on impulse. They may like fancy products and have trouble budgeting. They may also have a propensity towards philanthropy.