How Your Zodiac Sign Travels

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 ARIES: Independent

 Aries loves to travel alone so they don't have to discuss or negotiate with others while doing something adventurous like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro or visiting Krakatoa, Indonesia's volcano.

 Taurus: the happy

 Taurus looks to be sleeping and uninterested when traveling, but they're really planning and appreciating the journey. Tauruses plan meticulously, so they're flexible.


 Geminis are gregarious and like traveling with friends and family. They're adaptive and desire to explore local cultures.

Gemini: Culture-seeker


 Cancer: Returning.

 Cancer loves to travel, take plenty of photographs, reminisce, then return. Cancers are the most emotional travelers, but they remember it forever by repeating it.

 LEO: Fashionable traveler

 The Leo is a luxury traveler, not a roughneck. They'll stay in the best hotels, eat the best food, and relax in spas between sightseeing.

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 VIRGO: Well-prepared traveler

 By the time a Virgo goes on a vacation, they've acquired the finest prices and freebies. The only risk is that the hotel room you booked online is a dump.

 Libra: Flexible traveler

 Libras might utilize travel to meet new people or rekindle old relationships. They want something relaxing, entertaining, and conflict-free.

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 SCORPIO: The wanderlusting

 Scorpios are among the most passionate and thoughtful travelers. They save up for a dream vacation to a luxury resort on a remote beach or a houseboat on the Nile rather than a spontaneous weekend break.

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