How Your Body Alters in 40 Amazing Ways


a shift in your voice.

True enough, puberty isn't the only time your voice develops. The larynx, sometimes known as the "voice box," ages along with you. Reason being: "the vocal folds (cords) can weaken and atrophy with time

more difficult to chew.

Isolated on a studio blue backdrop, a woman holds her hand to her neck as she has a sore throat, tonsillitis, painful swallowing, angina, a sharp ache in her throat, or a loss of her voice.


As we get older, hair loss is something nearly everyone has to deal with. Indeed, a 2015 research published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that 40% of women


Greying Woman

If you're above the age of 40, you've undoubtedly seen a few stray grey hairs. So you shouldn't fret over this. It's only because your body is naturally making less melanin, as per the science reference pages

eyesight will worsen

You're not alone if you've lately visited your neighbourhood pharmacy for a pair of reading glasses. When you're in your early to mid-40s, the strain of reading or utilising a computer screen might become more noticeable.

experience back pain.

The risk of a herniated lumbar disc is greatest between the ages of 30 and 50, according to orthopaedic physician Erin Nance, MD. Low back discomfort and pain that travels down the legs and buttocks are typical symptoms.


Your gum health may decline 

Declining bone density in the mouth increases the risk of gum recession and exposed tooth roots as we age. The best strategy to avoid root damage, according to doctors at Harvard Medical School

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