How Yoga Reduces Abdominal Fat


Targets the core:  Yoga poses like plank, boat, and downward dog use the core muscles to tone and strengthen the abs.

Increases metabolism:  Power yoga and hot yoga may boost metabolism, resulting in quicker belly fat reduction.

Reduces stress:  Stress increases abdominal fat. The stress-reducing effects of yoga are beneficial in the fight against abdominal obesity.


Improves digestion:  Twists and forward bends might reduce bloating and improve digestion.

Promotes mindfulness: Better eating habits and more consistent exercise are only two benefits of yoga's practiced mindfulness.

Builds lean muscle: Yoga builds lean muscle since it's a resistance workout. As a result, your metabolism speeds up and you lose more belly fat.

Improves circulation:  Yoga stances like inversions increase circulation, aiding digestion and fat reduction.

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Reduces cortisol:  Yoga relaxes, lowering cortisol and belly fat.

Increases body awareness:  Yoga may help detect and treat imbalances and weaknesses that cause belly fat.