How to Wear Pastels If You're Over 60


choose a pastel  complements your skin tone.

"It would be wrong to assume that pastel colours wouldn't complement your skin tone. There is a pastel for every lady; the key is finding the right shade

situation is to "think contrast

Saturated pastels like orchid, azalea, or sea foam look well on fair complexion tones, she says. "Those with medium skin tones receive all the perks. Colors like mint green

Begin with uncommitted colours.

Fashion blogger Isabella Thorp of the lifestyle blog Midlife In Style suggests pairing pastel colours with neutral accessories.


a vibrant shade.

When you want to take your colour play a step further, try pairing pastels with a bolder hue. To get a "very stylish" look, Foster recommends looking for jewel tones, such as a lavender top with a dark purple bottom.


 supplementary items.

Thorp suggests pairing your peach shirt or powder blue sweater with a "shiny silver strappy sandal, a gold purse, or layered mixed metal jewellery" to "warm up" your pastel-forward style.

Keep it simple.

According to Thorp, "pastels are always a fantastic option for ladies of a certain age," especially if you like to bring a softness to your appearance or give a young shine to your face.

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