How to handle emotional eating while losing abdominal fat


It's not hard to lose abdominal fat even if emotional eating is getting in the way. Get control of your emotional eating with these suggestions.

Identify triggers

Detect emotional eating triggers. Stress, boredom, anxiety—or something else? Manage your triggers after identifying them.

Find alternative activities

Try meditation, yoga, or exercise instead of eating to deal with your emotions. Some exercises may assist without meals.


Practice mindful eating

Focus on your meal. Taste, feel, and smell. Mindful eating reduces overeating and increases enjoyment.

Keep a food diary

Recording what you eat and when might reveal emotional eating behaviors. This may aid in trigger avoidance and improved coping.

Plan ahead

This might help you prevent snacking or binge eating.

Get support

Get sympathetic friends and family to help you lose abdominal fat. If emotional eating persists, visit a therapist or support group.

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It's acceptable to fail along the way. Focus on recovering, not beating yourself up. You can lose belly fat and conquer emotional eating with persistence.