How to flirt with various zodiac signs

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 Well, Mars' fiery kid who adores fresh romance and lacks sophistication. If you've made a good impression and they're interested, they'll tell you.


 Do not dress poorly or untidy. Venus-ruled Taurus are sophisticated and luxurious. Do not DM "ssup???" Slowly court them and become involved in their personal life.


 They'll enjoy funny, wholesome, and even snarky conversation. You caught their attention with the appropriate words and facial clues. 


 Cancerians like Taureans like eating and socializing over a meal. Never criticize their pals, since they are reliable. You'll be shunned!



 Dramatic compliments are the finest approach to flirt with a Leo. Solar locals appreciate drama and are theatrical, so make your relationship seem like their favorite romance


 Mercury rules these nervous and mental natives. They overthink everything, so phrase your lines appropriately. 


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 Libras are the everlasting lovers since their natural seventh house is marriage and relationships. The 90s eternal love songs CDs were for these locals. 

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 Scorpios are fierce and dislike flirting. They wait for the ideal partner rather than leap into something superficial. Until your Scorpio opens up to you, you'll never know what they're thinking and feeling.