How each zodiac sign handles stress and anxiety.


Aries:  When under pressure, Aries are more likely to take initiative and look their difficulties squarely in the eye. They could try to relieve their anxiety by engaging in strenuous physical activity.

Taurus:  Stressed Taurus want comfort and stability. They could seek solace in tasty treats, soothing tunes, or other forms of entertainment.

Geminis: chat about their problems. They could talk to loved ones about how they feel or ask for guidance. They might also engage in a pleasurable pastime to divert their attention.


Cancer:  When under pressure, cancers prefer to withdraw inside themselves. They may want to be alone or with a close friend or relative. They could also turn to writing or art to get their thoughts out.

Leo:  Leos crave attention and affirmation to manage stress. They could take up a leadership position or perform publicly to feel more accomplished and less overwhelmed.

Virgo:  To cope with stress, Virgos often break it down into manageable pieces and put them in order. They could write down their worries or make a strategy to deal with each one as it comes up.

Libra:  Stressed Libras want harmony. They could try talking things out with others or doing something that calms and soothes them.

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Scorpio:  Scorpios tackle stress with enthusiasm. They might try to relieve their anxiety by engaging in artistic pursuits or vigorous sports like martial arts.

Sagittarius:  Stressed Sagittarians need adventure. To de-stress and gain perspective, they may go on a trip or indulge in outdoor activities.

Capricorn:  Capricorns deal with stress in a practical way, by focusing on what needs to be done and then doing it. A mentor or coach may be consulted as well.

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Aquarius:  Aquarians handle stress with intelligence and creativity. People may try to divert their attention from their problems by engaging in academic activities or working on artistic endeavors.

Pisces:  Pisces handle stress creatively. People may find relief from their emotional burdens by creating art, writing, or listening to music. They may also look to others for comfort on a spiritual or emotional level.