How each zodiac sign handles loss and sorrow


Aries:  After experiencing loss, Aries people are often proactive and take action. People may utilize their energies to work or exercise.

Taurus:  Emotional and connected to loved ones, Taurus may take longer to grieve. Routine, nature, food, and contact may soothe them.

Gemini:  Gemini may divert themselves and socialize to deal with loss. They may need help processing their emotions and benefit from talking to others.


Cancer:  Cancers grieve profoundly. People may isolate to process their feelings. Rituals honoring loved ones may also console them.

Leo:  Leo may express their sadness creatively. Performers and artists may want affirmation from others to feel better.

Virgo:  Practicality and order may help Virgo deal with sadness. Cleaning, organizing, and caring for others may help them manage their feelings, as may blogging.

Libra:  Libras may grieve as they seek balance and harmony. They may need emotional help to absorb the loss. Beauty may help them cope.

Scorpio:  Scorpio may grieve by transforming their feelings. Therapy may help them process their grief and find purpose.

Sagittarius:  Traveling may help Sagittarius deal with loss. Explore different cultures and ideas to find significance in the loss.

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Capricorn:  Grief may cause Capricorn to take on more duties. Controlling their surroundings and routine may help them manage.

Aquarius:  Aquarius may deal with loss by looking for meaning. Helping others or following a purpose may help them cope.

Pisces:  Grief may lead Pisces to mysticism or extraterrestrial encounters. Music, art, and dreams may help them.