How can social media affect mental health?

 Social Media Addiction


 Social media is deliberately addicting. Social media users typically experience a dopamine surge, the "pleasure hormone." Brains desire dopamine. 

 Keep a Schedule for Work-Life Balance

 This may be your greatest obstacle if you just began working from home. One survey found that 26% of respondents struggled to maintain a routine. In the same poll, 22% stated it was harder to quit working.

 Social media provides various  "hits":


 They may constantly check their phones instead of talking to friends and relatives. Social media enjoyment may drop, causing depression.

 Comparison Increases 

 "Highlight reels" are common on social media. Few individuals write about their mistakes on social media. 


 Social Media Increases Loneliness



 Social media promotes interaction. It connects friends and family globally. It also worsens loneliness in many individuals.

 Depression and Anxiety

 Depression and anxiety may increase as social media usage increases. 6 Due to comparison, social media may easily cause sadness and mental health difficulties.

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 Cyberbullying affects kids, teens, and adults.


 With the emergence of social media, cyberbullying has expanded significantly. Peer pressure or screen anonymity may lead kids to cyberbully. 

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 California Mental Health and Social Media


Many struggle with the social media dilemma. Social media may affect mental health and make recovery harder. Social media may be harming your mental health. 

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