Hot-Tempered Zodiac Signs







 Librans are the least aggressive Zodiac sign. They dislike fighting because they value living in harmony. Librans dislike rage.


 vPisceans seldom become angry. Dreamy and deep, no one expects them to be irritable. They're usually peaceful and polite.




 Cancerians seldom explode. Their delicate nature makes them easily hurt. They become passive-aggressive. Impulsive, they may throw massive tantrums they'll regret.



 This zodiac sign has two extreme personalities. They become irritated quickly but settle down. Anger may startle those who don't know their other side. 






 Fire signs like Sagittarius are prone to frenzy and dramatic fury. When angry, they take things personally. Offended people require time to recover. 



 Virgos usually regulate their emotions. They seldom get upset. They'll unleash their venom when anything serious goes wrong. 

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 Mars and Pluto control Scorpio. These two planets rule impulsivity and brashness. Scorpios might vent their rage in nefarious ways. 

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 Capricorns don't snap. They usually lose their cool for reasons other than being insulted. It's their pent-up rage and fury suddenly surfacing from their generally peaceful lake of emotions


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