His zodiac sign's ideal woman



 Aries are daring, active, and require someone who can keep up and push them. Aries men like women who aren't scared to leap off of planes or express their affections.


 Taurus is happiest in a secure relationship that meets all his demands, and he deserves a warm, caring, and dedicated woman.


 Geminis have two personalities, yet they don't. They're adaptive and flexible. Gemini men require flexible women. 



 Cancers are notoriously emotional. A sympathetic lady may comfort a grumpy Cancer guy. 


 Leos' charm and charisma make them the focus of attention. They're insecure behind their bravado. Leos need a woman who is confident enough to let others shine and powerful enough to stand out.


 Virgos overthink and overreact. A Virgo guy requires a lady who can periodically lighten up and let him relax. She'll make him dance instead of studying.

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 Libra males want to party, go out, and be spectacular, which is wonderful if you have billions and never have to deal with reality. Libra men require a lady who will constantly support them and assist them with grownup chores. 

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 Scorpios grow fierce and obsessive rapidly. Because he loves everything. Scorpio men require a woman to temper their passion. She balances his passion with comedy and absurdity.

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