Height-Growing Exercises

Bar Hanging

Hold the bar with your hands outward. For maximum gravity pull, relax your arms, shoulders, and hips while hanging. Ankle weights provide further advantages. 

Dry land swim

Start laying on your back. Keep your shoulders and arms on the floor. Bend your knees and get your feet near to your buttocks. Lift your pelvis with an arch. Hold for 20–30 seconds. 

Cobra Stretch

Face down, palms beneath shoulders, lie on the floor. Raise your spine and chin. Extend your back. At least 3-4 repetitions should last 5–30 seconds.


Super Cobra Stretch



Bending your hips, create an inverted V. Tuck your chin into your chest and return to the initial posture. Repeat for 10–20 seconds.

One-Legged Hopping

Stretch your legs straight up to the ceiling and bend them backward to touch the floor. Touching the floor this manner is hard at first, but repetition makes it easier. 

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Forward Spine Stretch


Sit upright on a mat. Legs should be shoulder-width apart and feet flexible. Inhale and stretch. Try touching your toes while bending forward.

Cat Stretch


Lock your arms and kneel on the floor. Inhale while stretching your spine and exhale while arching it and lowering your head. This posture arches the spine. Shoulders up, elbows straight.

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