Healthy Work-Life Balance

 Say No for Work-Life Balance


 We were taught that saying "no" is selfish. To prevent this poor perception, individuals will neglect their schedule and commit to jobs they won't have time for.

 Keep a Schedule for Work-Life Balance

 This may be your greatest obstacle if you just began working from home. One survey found that 26% of respondents struggled to maintain a routine. In the same poll, 22% stated it was harder to quit working.



 Without pauses, the brain gets overloaded and stops processing information, reducing productivity. Constantly staring at a computer screen may cause eye strain


 Unwinding has never been more vital. Small work breaks enhance productivity. Similarly, utilizing the weekend to entirely unplug from work helps refresh your mind and soul.


 Stay Healthy for Work-Life Balance



 More significantly, our diets impact our emotions, sleep, and health. Poor diets affect physical and mental health.

 Maintain Relationships

 Strong family and friend ties and social volunteering improve physical and mental health.

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 Remove Perfectionism


 Perfectionists have unattainable goals. Their performance is harshly criticized. All aspects must be flawless. That's why most experience significant stress and anxiety.

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 Remove Perfectionism


 Above all, remember that you are very competent but not perfect at everything. Pluralistic self-view. Kindly treat yourself. “Mistakes will teach me.” Not "I messed up!"

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