Healthy Summer Beverages to Beat the Heat


Aam Panna

How could summers be without mangoes? Mango lovers love aam panna, a summer cooler. Mango pulp makes this starting drink. Add mint, cumin, black salt, pepper, and jeera. They make aam panna delicious for everyone.

Peach iced tea

This drink's detoxifying tea and peach flavours provide rapid relief from the heat. This refreshing drink requires only peaches, freshly brewed black tea, and ice cubes. Lemon, ginger, and other iced teas are possible.


Chaas, buttermilk, is the Indian summer drink. All Indian households consume it in summer. Summertime handmade chaas is healthful. The best homemade drink is created from beaten curd, black salt, and jeera.

Watermelon Lemonade

Watermelon is another summer fruit everyone loves. In summer, this fruit is popular. Due to its many health and weight loss benefits. Being one of the juiciest fruits, it is used in many rejuvenating recipes.


Sugarcane Juice

Sugarcane juice is a popular Indian drink. Summer cold beverages. Sugarcane juice is one of the healthiest juices since it builds fluids and prevents dehydration. Mint-infused water refreshes and energises. 


Summertime requires homemade jaljeera. It's delicious and healthful. Jaljeera is a must-try to beat the summer heat because of its rich flavours.

Nimbu pani 

Nimbu pani (lemonade) is another summer drink. This nutritious drink is irresistible. Indians drink nimbu pani everywhere. Mint, lemon, sugar, salt, etc. are all you need to make this. Pepper, black salt, and more can enhance flavour.


Summertime lassi is popular. Because to its health benefits, it is popular worldwide. Lassi, made with yoghurt, has many health advantages. Mango, strawberry, and other ingredients can make lassi.