Haircare Myths


Myth: Regular hair trimming speeds growth.

Fact: Genetics and other factors affect hair growth, not trimming. Regular cuts can prevent split ends and breakage, making hair healthier.

Myth: Brushing 100 times a day shines hair.

Fact: Overbrushing weakens and brittles hair. Brushing gently distributes natural oils, making hair shine.

Myth: Daily shampooing keeps hair healthy.

Fact: Overwashing can dry and damage hair. Shampooing frequency varies on hair type and lifestyle. Oily hair requires more shampooing than dry hair.

Myth: Cold water rinses hair shiner.

Fact: Rinsing hair with cold water may momentarily make it shiner, but there is no scientific evidence for this. Leave-in conditioners and serums promote hair health and lustre.


Myth: Blow-drying causes hair loss.

Fact: Blow-drying hair does not cause hair loss, although inappropriate use might harm it. Heat protectant spray and avoiding high heat helps prevent hair damage.

Myth: Coloring damages hair.

Fact: Over-coloring hair can harm and break it. High-quality hair colours and frequent cuts can prevent damage and maintain hair healthy.

Myth: Wet-brushing breaks hair.

Fact: Brushing wet hair gently can detangle and prevent damage. A wide-tooth comb or wet-hair brush helps reduce damage.

Myth: Hats induce hair loss.

Fact: Hats flatten and grease hair but do not promote hair loss. Avoid tight-fitting hats and wear breathable ones to protect hair.