Hair color for your skin tone


Determine your skin tone

Then, identify your skin tone. Warm, chilly, and neutral. Neutral skin tones feature a mix of warm and cold undertones.

Consider your eye color

Your eye color might also influence your hair color. Warm hair hues like caramel, honey, or golden blonde may compliment brown or hazel eyes. Ash blonde or cool brown may compliment blue or green eyes.

Use the right shades for warm skin tones

Warm complexion tones should choose hair colors with warm undertones like golden blonde, copper, or auburn. These hues may highlight your inherent radiance and warmth.

Use the right shades for cool skin tones

Employ ash blonde, platinum, or cool brown for cool skin tones. These hues may brighten your skin.


Try neutral shades

Neutral skin tones may try warm and cool hair colors. Chestnut brown or velvety black are wonderful neutrals

Consider your undertones

 Cool hair colors may clash with warm undertones, making them unappealing. Cool undertones should avoid warm-toned hair colors.

Consult with a professional stylist

 A stylist can help you assess your skin tone and propose hair colors that match it. They might also recommend highlights or lowlights to give your hair depth.